1.Tetrahedral tea bags have been chosen; due to four face fusion and holding strength for large amount of boiled tea water. These bags also allow better infusion to extract the full body of the liquor so essential for the aroma and taste.

2.The tetrahedral tea bags have been further modified. The bags will have a knotted thread and a heat sealable tag. The bags will individually pack tin envelops in order to avoid intervening of thread and tags.

3.The tetrahedral tea bagging machine is the first of its kind, it has been especially developed for the foundation and will be installed at the Punjab Agri Food Park in Sirhind, Punjab. It is expected to be operational from October, 07 onwards.

4.The doubled chambered (4 sided) tea bags for the Ayurvedic tea infusions are also an innovation.

5.Brown wax coated Kraft paper will be used for packaging of the bakery products with windows for clam shell cake boxes keeping in mind the impact of disposal.

6.Enameled metal ware jars/containers are preferred. A barrier bag shall contain the premium teas and coffee (green & black orthodox and CTCS). The barrier bag filled with tea shall reside inside the enameled can. 100 Gms to a pack.

The Arunachal orthodox and green teal shall be in 50 Gms pack due to the largest volume.